ViaCyte Stem Cells for T1D

ViacyteThe JDRF is funding research efforts of ViaCyte to bring us closer to a T1D cure. ViaCyte is pioneering a combination product packaging stem cells that develop into insulin-producing cells. We speak with Dr. Julia Greenstein, Vice President for Cure Therapies at JDRF, to learn more about this promising T1D treatment.

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My name is Allie Beatty. I have been living with diabetes since I was 7 years old. Diabetes has never been easy for me, my family, or my friends. Allie's Voice About Diabetes features news, research, and products improving life with diabetes.
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One Response to ViaCyte Stem Cells for T1D

  1. Jacqueline medrano says:

    Will like more further information my son was diagnosed when he was 3 yrs old his been having T1D for 3 yrs now. He gets frustrated when his fingers hurt at times & sometimes cries when his pump site is changed. But as parents we thank God bcuz, his healthy & has giving us the strength to keep going. #strong#T1D