Do You Know Dr. Oz’s Summer Tips?

drozDr. Oz is enlightening the masses on good knowledge for summer safety. See the video for trivial pursuits on all other summer tidbits. First of all, just because a sunscreen has an expiration date on it – don’t believe the hype. Sunscreen takes several years to expire. Also, use at least a shot glass amount of sunscreen to properly protect your skin. Don’t wimp-out on the application. As many people believe, it’s not the sweetness of our blood that is attractive to mosquitoes, it’s the scent of our body. Especially offensive to mosquitoes is the smell of grapes. If you’re a wine drinker, maybe you’ll benefit from this fun fact. Swimming is a refreshing treat for the summer lovers. Don’t assault your ears with a Q-tip, if you have any water left behind. Fingers are the perfect and safe size for ear water removal. Last but not least, waiting 30-minutes after eating before swimming is an old wives tale. Hopefully this clears-up some ambiguity in your summer fun. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and water in good health!

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