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salmonWhen we think of salmon, we think of a healthy food. But does the FDA decision to permit the sale of genetically-modified salmon change your mind? Our natural resources are becoming less and less and manufactured resources are becoming easier to access. This is the easy way to survive and capitalize in a supply-and-demand world. There are many people and corporations in the school of thought where GMO is a no-no. A few of those rejecting the sale of GMO salmon are Costco and Red Lobster.  Here’s a cool way to get your kids to eat salmon: tell them it’s an AquaAdvantage salmon. The track record of genetically-modified organisms is fairly short. A majority of these science experiments are still being tracked. However there has been something done beneficial with mosquitoes to counteract malaria. Who knew the the vehicle that spreads the life-threatening condition could actually eradicate it by resistant to it? Let’s see how these fast-growing Atlantic salmon fare in a hotbed of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

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