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organ-donationAs an organ transplant recipient, the process of getting a donor is tricky. In the US, you can’t motivate someone with money or rewards. However, Wales is the first nation to make a law that automatically makes every citizen an organ donor unless he or she opts-out of the organ donation registry. “Organ donation saves lives; increasing the rate of organ donation allows us to save more lives. That’s the key motivation for this significant change.” The number of people who die waiting for an organ transplant is far too many when you realize every one is somebody’s child. When you pass, the legacy you can leave is a healthy organ that can be used by another. That person may do wonders for the world you’ve left behind. Here in the US, the path of least resistance is NOT to be an organ donor. If you must be lifeless with your organs, you should be the one visiting the DMV. That’s just my opinion. You can register to be an organ donor online. You won’t need healthy organs where you’re going but you’ll need them on the line at the DMV.

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