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skinDid you know that your “gamma” could make insulin? The problem with insulin-producing cells is that we can only get them harvested from a cadaver or harvested from  a human embryo. Both of those options are either in short-supply or heavily controversial.  Researchers, as skilled as they may be, have not been able to achieve fully functioning beta cells. In a radio interview, it was described like a dark room filled with every piece of furniture you need. Without light, it’s still missing a key element. Now researchers at the Salk Institute have found a way to harvest stem cells from  skin and cultivate them to become fully-functioning beta cells. This is where ERR-gamma comes into play. This protein turns-on the lights and the cells can regulate blood glucose by sensing levels in the blood and releasing insulin, accordingly. This is why I love to keep the faith. It gives me hope for a future lasting longer than the T minus 25-years I’ve got left with my mom’s kidney. Thank you, Salk Institute!

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