What’s a #GapYear Anyway?

gapyearThe fact that the President’s daughter, Malia, has decided to add a gap year to her college career is fantastic. It brings awareness to a growing custom whereby students decide to take a year between graduating from high school and beginning college, to deepen practical, professional, and personal awareness. That sounds like a brochure definition but it came straight from the American Gap Association website.  If you didn’t take a moment to read-up on what a gap year fosters, you’re missing out. Unlike the truancy of Ferris Bueller, these are high school grads with plans to do something. The something varies by individual but Malia is already enrolled at Harvard for 2017. Although students in the UK have been aware of this ‘gap year’ for some time, it may take hold here in the US. PS Students who took a ‘gap year’ are reported to be more mature and successful when starting college.

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