Why #Doctors Aren’t #Drug Biased

lunchandlearnFree lunch goes a long way. The rules of engagement for doctors and pharmaceutical reps have changed over the years. Doctors cannot be rewarded for the number of prescriptions they write for a certain drug. However, drug reps can offer a ‘lunch and learn‘ whereby the office can feast on lunch while learning about the latest and greatest drug offered by…. See how that works? It turns-out that doctors who were fed the drug presentation with a cheap lunch were more likely to prescribe the name-brand drug. The take-home here is that a cheap date may have lasting effects on your health. Drug reps aren’t MDs (usually) and salesmen aren’t prescribing drugs for you. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that most doctors do right by their patients.  It’s your responsibility to tell your doctor any reservations you may have in your treatment protocol. This is the only way to ensure that the outcome falls in your favor. Your doctor’s getting lunch from the drug company. Malpractice insurance is still on his or her dime.

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