The Reason #She #Drinks

womandrinkingwineThose of us who drink do so for any number of reasons: recreation, frustration, stress, celebrations, breathing…you get the picture. So this essay recently written and provoking much attention from the working ladies asks the question are we drinking for the right reason? This talk of the patriarchy is getting a lot of notice in light of this infamous essay. But doesn’t the very question posed in it give even more power to this patriarchy? If you feel the the world in which you live is orchestrated by sexists pieces on the board – it further incapacitates you if you need a drink to cope with reality. Love of ice cream is never sexist. Kristi Coulter’s essay is definitely thought-provoking but somewhat leading to the bias of sexism. Women choose to drink. Women who choose to drink, whether in excess or not much at all, do so because of their own free will. It’s not fair to say they do it to allay the pressures of a sexist society.

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