Here’s Why a #DUFF Makes You Look #Better

prettierUgly is one of those words in the English language that means different things to different people. If you’ve been searching for a life hack on how to be prettier – you’re welcome! This isn’t about perfect eyebrows, glowing skin, or wearing a smile. This is a simple enhancement of your beauty by cherry picking your entourage. Gospel. Science says if you’re compared with uglier people, you’ll be the dime. If you stand next to a shorter person, you’ll look taller. If you stand next to a person who’s got a dark complexion, you’ll look paler. My life story. If you want to appear more attractive, you’ll need to surround yourself with less pretty. Perception is reality. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the researchers in this study just wanted to be invited-out more often? Anything’s possible.

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