@CNN Asks Do We Overshare Our #Kids?

babyfacebookStaying connected these days is easy, especially with social media. However, sometimes an excited parent with a milestone of little Becca becomes too riveting not to post and hashtag. Think about that before you post it. Will Becca mind that it’s up there forever? What if loser-down-the-street likes to lurk at picture of your kids online? Creeper. We cannot be 100% sure it’s well-and-good. Just keep in-mind that the world is filled with mostly good people but every now and again, the bad one slip in. Those are the ones you have to keep at bay. How do you know when you’ve crossed the line with posting pics of junior? The parents of this 18-year old were slapped with a lawsuit (by their daughter) for posting pictures of her online. They grow-up so fast, don’t they?

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