30% #Cancer Deaths Due to #Cigarettes

cancerdeathsHas there ever been a study praising the health benefits of smoking? Exactly. Here’s an undeniable statistic to substantiate the ugly truth: 3 in 10 cancer deaths in men are due to cigarettes. Women suffer a 25% death rate from cancer.  Looking at the big data, a study found that these deadly cancers were caused by cigarettes. The major areas of the body affected by cigarette smoke are lung, trachea, and esophagus. Considering every inhalation of smoke enters into the lungs where it is then assimilated into the body’s circulating blood, perhaps more cancers are indirectly related to smoking than the Surgeon General’s report concluded. Fracking causes cancer. Tattoos cause cancer. Fertilizers in nonorganic foods cause cancer. Know what else fosters the growth of cancer? Stress. Now what?!

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