#StressEating Explained

stresseatingIt boils down to how we deal with stress and does that stress manifest as stress eating. Life’s 10% what happens too you and 90% of how you react to it. There’s this vicious reaction style that involves unconscious eating that exacerbates the stress that provoked you to eat, in the first place. It’s not about a hard drug habit like heroin or cocaine addiction but it boils-down to a chemical reaction provoked by a chemical imbalance, perpetuated by stress eating. Is stress a challenge or a disaster for you? The way you handle stress predicts your biological response to it. Adrenaline shuts down your metabolism and leads your brain to believe the stress is a challenge. To your stressed brain, a challenge is a project that can be resolved. Cortisol revs your metabolism and leads your brain to believe the stress is a real threat. To your stressed brain, a threat may as well be a  defeat. Let’s eat to temporarily bathe our brains in the release of endorphins derived from dense calories. Or not.

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