Why That #Pig Has a Good #Personality

pigsWhy are humans so self-absorbed? Pigs have personalities, too. Those of us who have dogs or cats know they have personalities. Why wouldn’t a pig have a personality? They do. In fact, a pig  can be an optimist or a pessimist. Depending on which way the spirit moves little piggy, a pessimistic outlook is more strongly affected by its environment. It’s uncanny how I just saw a TED Talk on something similar to this constructive reality based on our visions – not our sight. The experiment told a story to which many of us can relate. It’s all about the accommodations. The pigs housed in luxury accommodations were more likely to react with optimism. When these pigs that were housed in economy lodgings, all bets were off.  When a pig’s personality leans negatively, they’d exhibit  the expectations of a negative result. Researchers found that proactive pigs were more willing to try, even without the promise of reward . Whereas reactive pigs were less adventurous, and wouldn’t lift a hoof without the promise of a reward. The pigs that were housed in ghetto dwellings weren’t too optimistic.  What kind of pig are you? Do you like your living accommodations?

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