Study Shows #Meditation Reduces #Stress

mindfulHave you ever noticed how sometimes when you need something most, it magically appears? Well that’s how I feel about this article professing that meditation helps lower the body’s stress. A study has shown that the physiological response to stress was alleviated by mindful meditation. It’s not just an opinion when hormones are measured to show reduced biomarkers of stress. Participants who were diagnosed with anxiety were guided in mindful meditation. To show an effective comparison, a group with anxiety disorder also underwent a stress management program that did not involve meditation. However the biomarkers of stress and inflammation were not as pronouced as those who were in the mindful meditation group. From a lay perspective, mindful meditation seems to be about being in the moment and nowhere else. Don’t hang-on to thoughts of what has happened. Don’t stress over what will happen in the future. Focus on now. Be present in the moment. Oh how I wish I could hone this skill. Any suggestions?

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