T1 and T2 #Diabetes and #Fasting Really?

fastingDO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT MEDICAL SUPERVISION!! Let me share a story from my life back in 2008. I was on the brink of kidney failure and a British researcher had taken a personal interest in my plight with Type 1 diabetes and my body riddled with diabetes complications. He implored I try water-fasting. Because of my lack in willpower, inability to maintain consistent blood sugar, or a combination of both – I bowed-out of the challenge each time I tried it. Now, with the results of this study, I’m wondering if I could’ve tried harder to adhere to a diet of 800-1100 calories, per day. The foods would be low-carb, low-protein, but high in unsaturated fats like nuts. This would go on for 5-days and then the other 25-days of the month it would be a normal diet again with no restrictions. Apparently, a study shows this began to regenerate the deficient beta cells in the pancreas, enhancing the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Furthermore, this was shown to be effective for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. If only my parents had known this back in 1985, something tells me the autoimmune war launched on my insulin-producing cells won’t have ceased fire. But a girl can dream. Nicholas Dynes Gracey, come-out, come-out wherever you are!

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