The #Female #OrgasmGap

satisfactionThe headline yesterday is 100% accurate and the fact remains that many women aren’t getting their fair share of orgasms. The painful truth  is the need for tolerance and the tolerance for needs. It’s Friday so let’s discuss sexy plans for the weekend. If someone is seeking the hidden secret to get her to O-town, scientists think they’ve got the map for that someone. Let’s look at the climax ratio first. When heterosexual couples were asked, 95% of men reported climaxing, whereas only 65% of females got there. Lesbian couples had a much higher batting average with an 86% climax rate. However gay men seemed to get by with an 89% average. Okay so the 3-tips for the holy grail of her orgasm are deep kissing, genital stimulation, and oral sex. Women have to get their mind into it, whereas men just need their other head to be into it. Get her mind, body, and soul on the love-making train (whatever vehicle of choice) and it increases the chances of mutually arriving on-time.  If a guy’s trying to increase his odds on the jolly trolley, avoid intense exercise, buckaroo.

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