Americans Are Drinking More #BottledWater Than #Soda

sodastreamAmericans are drinking more bottled water than soda. To what do we owe the serendipitous change? The study that points-out this fact also notes that the bottled water options have surpassed the soda options on shelves. It doesn’t take a genius to figure-out water is way healthier for you than soda. But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was solely-based on people choosing to be healthier? It sort of is due in-part to the sugar-scare. People want the healthier alternative to soda but the ‘marketing trick of the century’ is that consumers don’t realize they’re paying for tap water in a nicely packaged containers. Don’t fault people for the style in which they’re consuming their water. Slow clap for them because they’re making the healthier choice. Soda’s so yesterday. In fact, you can church it up at home with this nifty device called the Soda Stream. Make it and take it anywhere. Save a few bucks! Say bye-bye to PBA bottles and hola to the deniro in your pocket. It feels like this study was funded by Soda Stream. Well played, Beverage Marketing Corp.

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