#HungerGames the #GameShow

hungergamesRussia doesn’t mess around. The mother ship of the KGB is launching a game show essentially like the ‘Hunger Games‘. It almost sounds like Big Brother: Savage Edition. Contestants are permitted to fight, rape, and even murder in order to win the game. This feels so wrong and the object of this game is to stay alive until April 1, 2018. Waivers have been signed. Liabilities are understood. Let the games begin on a remote island off Siberia, where it’s harder to hear the screams.  Typically when you win in a game show, you get prizes like vacations and money. In Russia’s game show – you can walk away alive. This brutal game show is making me dig deep for the good things out of Russia like Yakov Smirnoff. I’ll keep him in mind and thank goodness he made his mark here in the US. There’s so much more to him than ‘what a country’.

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