Let’s Eat #Monkey and #Piranha for #HeartHealth

amazonPETA is going to have me on a stick but the headline is clickbait, not a real dinner suggestion. Next time you’re complaining about a bad meal, be grateful for the fact you’re not eating monkeys and piranhas. Although maybe we shouldn’t pass judgement just yet. Their diet may also be the reason their people have the lowest rates of heart disease in the world. Enter the Amazon…and no, it’s not the one everybody knows as the online shopping source. People of the Amazon are very active, hunting and perpetually on the move. Yes, their diet consists of monkeys, piranhas, and other animals not indigenous to our land but it may be the activity, more than diet to thank. The people native to the Amazon have the lowest incidence of coronary artery disease, whereas the people of industrialized nations tend to be the highest. Perhaps it’s due to their diet being less than 15% saturated fat, whereas here in the US we measure almost 35%. We take statins, working lunches, and telecommute. They use plants to treat ailments, physically work for their food, and technology doesn’t rule their lives. The stark difference of coronary artery disease in 80 year olds in the US versus the Amazon is the proof in the pudding. In the US, 91% of this age group have CAD whereas only 15% have it in the Amazon. The idea of eating monkey are piranha may break your heart but your lifestyle choices will make all the difference in how healthy it stays.

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