Is Your #OliveOil Fake?

oliveoilWould you know the difference between pure extra virgin olive oil and a hybrid? So it turns-out that the extra virgin olive oil industry is plagued with bogus product. For profit and to make a pure product more bountiful for the batch, some shady manufacturers will adulterate their extra virgin olive oil to make more bottles per bunch. Is this bad for your health? The fake ingredients put into the extra virgin olive oil were chlorophyll, sunflower oil, and soybean oil. If you want to split hairs, soybean oil can definitely ruffle a few feathers. Obviously if you have an allergy to sunflower or soy you’d be in trouble. But the thing about chlorophyll is that it’s not bad for your health, per se. However, if ingested in large quantities, it can be toxic. At the end of the scandal, this is all about duping the consumer and charging a premium for a subpar product. As a result of the investigation, farms were confiscated, fines were levied, and an otherwise dubious practice has been exposed. If you’re an olive oil snob, you probably knew about this years ago. If you’re just a dollar-conscious consumer, heavily consider your purchase of extra virgin olive oil knowing its history. Can you really tell the difference?

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