#Free Way to Reverse #Aging

StrenuousExerciseWhat’s the answer to anti-aging? It’s all about the telomere length, people. Your genes are capped with something called a telomere. They’re like the end of a shoelace string. As we age, those get more worn and shortened. A study finds that strenuous exercise helps preserve the length of these ‘aging’ markers. Simply put, “the more physically active we are, the less biological aging takes place in our bodies” says an exercise science professor. Eighty-six the expensive wrinkle creams and anti-aging snake oils to which you throw your money. The freest source of anti-aging is moving. You can’t beat the gains from strenuous physical exercise. How else can your recapture 9-years of your life? If strenuous exercise isn’t on your Bucket List (totally understandable) there’s always this phenomenon of the NAD+ people are buzzing about. The official product is available on Amazon. Imagine what a charmed life it would be with strenuous exercise and NAD+?

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