Be #Mindful When You #Eat

MindfulEatingIf you do yourself one favor in a lifetime, be mindful. This way of life is said to offer countless health benefits, not limited to: stress relief, anxiety, depression, mood swings, weight loss, heart health, mental health, and conditioning for the strife life gives all of us. I mention this today because I’d like to coin it ‘mindful Monday’. And today we celebrate mindful eating. The practice of mindful eating is something in which we all can engage. In fact, it’s said to help us savor the experience of eating, relishing the moments we spend doing it. Supposedly when we’re ‘in the moment’ we’re less likely to overeat and mindlessly overindulge. Who makes mistakes mindfully anyway? Stranger things have happened but not today. Make mindful Monday’ your day to begin the practice of mindful eating. Let the experts at Harvard tell you how it’s done.

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