Does Your #Doctor #FatShame You?

DrFatShamingNobody can argue that being overweight adds avoidable health risks to your body. But if you’ve experienced the practice of ‘fat shaming’ at your doctors office, it may add insult to injury. A study has found that experiencing fat shaming from your doctor may add mental health problems in addition to the physical health ones. If you’ve ever been in an argument with someone, the use of discouraging words may make it harder for you to come-to-terms and seek a resolution with that person. A doctor ‘fat shaming’ a patient is found to have the same effect. The patient may delay seeking assistance in weight-loss because of the undue stress imposed on their mental health. Weight is a slippery slope. Whether it’s a parent to a child or a doctor to a patient, the figure of authority disparaging the vulnerable person in the situation is harmful. Period. Work through the emotions behind the words. If you speak out of frustration, you may not only choose the unhelpful words, you might even make the situation worse. Think before you speak. Use the guidelines of “Verbal Judo“. If police forces around the country lean on it for the tenets of effective problem-solving, why can’t you?

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