How To Tell If a #Puppy Will Be a Good #GuideDog

GuideDogPuppyA little bit of stress goes a long way especially if you’re a breeder who wants your dog to become a guide dog. Historically the dog breeds favored to become guide dogs are along the Retriever lines, golden or Labrador. Also the German Shepard’s are a breed that excel in the art. But did you know that certain characteristics fresh out of the litter may indicate if a puppy will outshine in the task? Puppies shown to have equal intelligence but have been exposed to a little bit of stress and a lot of mom’s attention fare better add becoming guide dogs. A lot can be said for mom’s paying attention to their young. In this case, it means her baby is going to be a helpful and productive member of society regardless of how many legs they use to walk. A little bit of stress, average intelligence, and just enough love is the winning combination for guide dogs but I’m fairly certain child studies will not support that finding for humans.

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