Know the Difference #Type1 or #Type2 #Diabetes

T1DvsT2dMake no mistake about it – diabetes is an imbalance of blood sugar. As times have changed, the age at which you’re diagnosed has little to do with the type of diabetes. Back in the day, Type 1 diabetes was referred to as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. It’s caused by an autoimmune attack when the body mistakenly attacks the insulin-producing cells. To me, this is like a house on fire. The autoimmune attack is the first and your insulin-producing cells are the house. Insulin is what carries glucose out of the blood and into cells for energy. When it can’t get there, the sugar in the blood gets higher and higher. Bad news. That’s where JDRF first got its name – the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Now it’s just JDRF because people of all ages can be diagnosed with Type 1 but the only medication that must be included in the protocol is insulin.    Type 2 was called adult onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). It’s caused by the body becoming insulin resistant. This is like glucose trying to get into a locked door. Insulin resistance makes it difficult to get glucose out of the blood and into the cells. The insulin that’s available isn’t able to support the amount of glucose in the body. This causes glucose to rise in the blood causing high blood sugar. Since the dawn of time, diet and exercise has been the first line of defense in controlling glucose levels. My YouTube last week was essentially a public service announcement to help people easily understand the difference between the two. If all else fails, just ask. If they’re anything like me, they’ll welcome the opportunity to talk about their diabetes.

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