Be #Healthy Be #Happy #ButterflyEffecct

ButterflyEffectPeople who have a happy outlook for life are more likely to eat, exercise, and live a healthier lifestyle. In effect, this is the conclusion of a study that links being happy to being healthy. Don’t dismiss the importance of healthy food choices like fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fuel the engine with good quality nutrition and you’ll reap the benefits in your day. Living your day healthy leads to sleeping better, which means your quality of life reflects a well-balanced one. Most importantly, the defenses of the body are peak when you eat right, exercise, and sleep well. So the effects of happiness on the hypothalamus are far-reaching on the vessel of your body. FYI the hypothalamus is like the communication hub for the body to do its job as effectively as possible. Some people swear by the Butterfly Effect. As a telemarketer, I feel it every day. Tweak your system a little bit for the greater good and you’ll reap the benefits in immeasurable ways.

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