Do You #Sleep With #Dogs?

DogsJust because you’re a dog person doesn’t mean you’ll automatically let Fido sleep in your bedroom. But if you let your four-legged friend room with you, a recent Mayo Clinic study explains a few ground rules for the sleepover. First things first, your furry friend needs his or her own bed. The human bed isn’t a place to share with your dog. He poops on the ground outside. I’m hoping that’s not how you roll. Of interest, many pet owners find comfort and solace when their pet sleeps in the room with them. Dogs that slept in their own beds afforded pet owners a better night sleep. Be aware of the fact none of the dogs in the study were puppies. In other words they were not still needy creatures. They had officially graduated to the realm of self-cleaning, self-serving, and knowing when NOT to call upon their owner. The best finding in this study is that it contradicts the flawed logic of a study Mayo Clinic did back in 2015 concluding that dogs were disruptive to sleep. Justice prevails for the canine crusaders. Woof.

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One Response to Do You #Sleep With #Dogs?

  1. I enjoyed the article very much but i was wondering about the mental effects of a dog sharing the bed with their owner.