Your Color May Detect Early Signs of Diabetes

DSDMYou’d be hard-pressed to find a healthcare provider that tells you to wait it out to learn if you have diabetes. Knowing if you have high blood sugar that is slightly above normal range is a gift that was unavailable as a kit for the public  when I was diagnosed in 1985. My family and friends have watched and supported me through the challenges of late diabetes diagnosis that have taken the form of diabetes complications. I was diagnosed the summer after 1st grade. By 10th grade, I had kidney disease and retinopathy. In college, I fell into a diabetic coma and was on life-support for 36-hours. By my 20s, although I was a professional working for a large company, my kidneys were following a trajectory downward and my doctor told me I was likely going to need a kidney transplant. During that time, I had two strokes – one in June 2008 and the other in June 2009. Learning to walk, talk, and live over again at the age of 31 is a surreal experience and I live to tell about it. Needless to say, my kidney transplant was put-off until May 2010. My mom donated her kidney to me and it not only saved my life but it gave me a life of health I had never known before that day. My hope is that no family ever faces the challenges with which I’ve lived. This is why my doctors have joined me in creating the nonprofit organization, Dip a Stick for Diabetes.  The flagship campaign for the nonprofit is the Dip a Stick Movement. It’s an easy, needle-free way to see if a person without diabetes could have high blood sugar. It takes 30-seconds and it could protect you and your loved ones from the unforgiving consequences of late diabetes diagnosis. If you could simply Dip a Stick to protect yourself – why wouldn’t you? Watch the crowdfunding video to see how Dip a Stick works. It’s a urine dipstick. It doesn’t involve needles and there’s no blood whatsoever.  Thanks for supporting the Dip a Stick Movement and ensuring it’s available to those who cannot afford to donate and participate!

Don’t let high blood sugar steal your health. Grow Dip a Stick for Diabetes, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. See the hidden sign of high blood sugar with a needle-free glucose detection kit. Join the Dip a Stick Movement for free by subscribing here or by texting DIPASTICK to 22828 and respond with your email. You can also support us by shopping Amazon by clicking through or donate on PayPal.

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Allie's Voice is where I put my thoughts on health news. I have Type 1 diabetes but I talk about things that apply to everybody. Reach me on Twitter @AlliesVoice. Subscribe for free to Allie's Voice weekend e-news to support the nonprofit, Dip a Stick® for Diabetes. Learn more at
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