#OpioidEpidemic or #Narcolepsy?

SleepingCasherIt’s not like it was in the middle of a silence marathon when these two cashiers passed-out in the middle of a shift. In fact, their journey to the land of ZZZs took effect in the middle of a sale. The two were working to scan and bag groceries and dozed-off mid-scan. The patron filmed the cashiers passing-out and uploaded the footage to a site that spotlights the opiod epidemic in this country, Try as I may to see why these two cashiers passed-out in synchronicity, it’s unlikely they had low blood sugar. It’s not likely they’re both narcoleptics. Chances are in the gas station of Sonoma County, California – this dream team at the counter may not be employees of the month. However, their boss may want to look into the causes of this mid-shift stooper, medical condition or drug related. I reserve passing judgement despite the fact that this new spread like wild fire. Innocent until proven user. Let’s hope this is just the case of two very hard working employees.

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