Early #HairLoss Later #Heart Problems?

ShavingHeadI read a study that says premature balding has a loose link to the likelihood of heart disease later in life. Here’s an example of why I am unabashedly socially awkward. I started asking my guy friends with intentionally shaved heads how long have you been shaving your head? They tell me they either started doing it when they realized they didn’t want to pay good money for a trim or they bit the bullet when they started noticing the depletion of follicle funds. This study is by no stretch of the imagination conclusive so don’t throw-out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. In the meantime, watch your heart health, keep your lifestyle healthy and rock that premature balding head of yours. It’s not your exterior that people buy for the long haul in life. It’s all about these surprising 4-strategies, as per Psychology Today.

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