#NYE #Hangover Helper

DnDThe truth behind a hangover is more than just dehydration. When you’re stricken with a hangover, drinking a bottle of water doesn’t help you bounce back to sobriety. For this reason, we know it’s deeper than meets the eye. If you’re waiting on a cure for hangovers – don’t hold your breath. Alcohol diminishes with time. However you can lessen the blow with these tricks. Eat, especially a meal of protein and fat. It’ll effectively absorb the alcohol and lessen the assault to your temple. As you continue drinking, snack so that you keep the blood sugar level. If you don’t consume food with alcohol, you’ll be dealing with glucose level instability along with the alcohol. Not fun. So the darker the alcohol, the greater the risk of a hangover. No tips here if you’re a ride-or-die for dark booze. It’s an FYI, you’re welcome. To alleviate the hangover headache, take an aspirin, Advil, or Aleve before bed. You won’t endure such pain if you can dodge the punch. You may get hit but it’ll soften the blow. Consider staggering one alcoholic beverage and one non-alcoholic beverage. It’s an even smarter plan if you make the nonalcoholic one a Gatorade or Powerade. It’l help restore your electrolytes. Lastly, Sprite may help mitigate a hangover headache. It contains taurine. I wonder if that means a 7 and 7 might be a safe bet for a hangover-free New Year? Probably not but now you know. By the way,caffeine is dehydrating. But for the record, it always helps kick-start anything in life. It doesn’t take a Cabernet to  get me to the drive-though. It just takes my unrelenting quest to earn points toward a free beverage. Dunkin’ you play me like a fiddle.

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