Shame on the Stigma of Mental Health

StigmaWe are a nation that is desensitized to the importance of mental health. We know it’s vital to our physical health to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Our body is our temple. Our brain is our global command center.  The irony is that many of us are ridden with anxiety, depression, and dependence on substances. Are these symptoms of something else?

A better understanding of how our brain impacts our body is a tool for survival. Animals do not have the ability to communicate like humans. We are extraordinary. We love. We hate. We laugh. We cry. We get lonely. We get overwhelmed. Using our mind to process and share these thoughts is essential to maintaining mental health and a balanced life.

To maintain mental health, it’s as unique as a fingerprint. On one side it’s identifying our feelings. On the other it’s processing those emotions appropriately. Like other processes in the body, if something is missing like insulin for people with diabetes, we replace it as best we can. If we fail to do so, our body won’t function properly. When pressure builds in the atmosphere, it rains. When pressure builds in a volcano, it erupts. What happens when pressure builds in our mind?

People nowadays live longer than ever but their quality of life is suffering. Health professionals agree that stress can have adverse effects on physical health. This is why the stigma of mental health needs to be addressed. The stigma attached to mental health is like the peer pressure to silence people from taking the initiative to improve their life. What kind of a person perpetuates mental health ignorance? You don’t know what you don’t know. I want to be the person that helps people know about it with engaging and disarming enlightenment.

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