Of Course Dogs Can Smell Fear

DogBitesAccording to the fun fact spit-out by the adorable kid in the movie “Jerry McGuire”, dogs and bees can smell fear. A new study substantiates that little kid’s claim.

Research says to fake it before you make it. Dogs tend to be less aggressive toward people that demonstrate unflappable confidence. If you’re a nervous person, try your best to mask the nervousness, especially if being bitten by a dog is not on your bucket list.

Sometimes you just can’t fake confidence. For those of you that qualify in this regard, heed some of these tips designed to minimize the risk of being bitten by a dog:

Never leave a dog unattended with a young child. Dogs can be unpredictable. Never assume it’ll behave when you’re not around.

Respect a dog. Don’t bother it while it’s eating or sleeping. How would you react when somebody sneaks-up on you when you’re “off guard”? Exactly.

Let a dog sniff you before you go-in for a pet. Also, ensure that the owner is okay with you approaching or petting their dog. You wouldn’t hug a random kid, would you? You would if you’re a creeper.

All details of this study are available to read online for free. The study was titled, “How many people have been bitten by dogs? A cross-sectional survey of prevalence, incidence, and factors associated with dog bites in a UK community.

If you want to teach a routine biter a lesson, just spritz yourself all over in bitter spray. When Fido goes in for the dominance stamp – he’ll soon learn a lesson ingrained into his muscle memory. You’ll taste bad but the tea tree oil will soothe.

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