The Big Fat Sugar Lie

SugarLow-fat diets have been touted as the answer for years. Yet here we stand, with nearly half the population overweight and scratching their heads. A pediatrician is on a mission to explain to people why fat is not the enemy – sugar is the source of weight gain.

Most plants, fruits, and grains contain carbohydrates. Your body needs some amount of insulin to metabolize those carbs into energy. When all the energy is not used by the body, it is storied as fat. Dietary fat and stored body fat are long-lasting sources of fuel.

Fat sources like butter, cream, and avocado don’t require insulin. In fact, when fats are consumed, they immediately become sources of fuel for the body. This is why Bulletproof Coffee has been the way I start my days the last few months – no insulin necessary!

A note of caution – as you’re choosing fats for your diet, beware of the potential harm of canola oil. One study found that it could lead to weight gain and memory loss. Good thing Bulletproof Coffee calls for grass-fed unsalted butter and coconut oil. No canola oil here.

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