Where Does Fat Go When We Lose It?

FatLossIt’s a great disappearing act and nobody really has a good answer for the question where does fat go when we lose it? Luckily a researcher who lost a few lbs himself decided to conduct a study for the concrete answer.

Even though the FDA has approved a magical laser that “cool melts” away fat, that’s only partially right. After looking closer into the chemistry of fat loss, researchers found that a majority of weight disappears into thin air. In other words we breathe it out.

The other portion is excreted in sweat and urine. So yes, the extra pounds are purged through liquid and gas. What once was a mass of solid is now transformed into more volatile substances.

A majority of doctors, physical trainers, and dietitians were surveyed and thought that weight when lost was excreted in the form of heat and energy leaving the body.

When biomolecular scientists did the work, they were able to show that consumption of excess carbohydrates  and protein resulted in extra fat.

These fat cells, when broken-down, release in the form of heavy breathing and urine.  The extra carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules find new homes elsewhere because they’re no longer part of fat stores.

So there you have it, folks. Like the rules in conversion of energy, it cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. It’s poetic, isn’t it? If you’re still a little foggy on it, checkout this YouTube video that explains exactly what the study revealed about fat loss.

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