Stranger than Fiction Myths on Sleep

HibernationThe reasons we sleep are easy to see because it’s a bad-look when we’re dragging. Beyond what meets the eye, it restores our immune system, clears toxins from the  brain, balances hormones, and lowers blood pressure.

Importance of sleep has taken many forms in hitting home the facts. But in the meantime, too many myths have been propagated to sell you the dream. Here are a few you shouldn’t buy.

You can’t become a morning person by resetting your internal clock. Get morning sunlight. If it can be done, it takes time to reset the night owl into a morning dove. Don’t be disappointed if you just can’t switch breeds. Nocturnal animals cannot become daytime animals. That’s Mother Nature’s rule.FYI you cannot make up for lost sleep. That’s malarkey.

Don’t shortchange yourself. Numerous studies have proven that you need at least 8-hours of sleep. Don’t gyp your mind by letting your brain fill with toxins that can only be flushed with the cleaning cycle of sleep. Get the full dose of sleep!

Not getting enough sleep will catch-up to you in ways you cannot imagine. Literally – your brain, your memory, your mental health will suffer. By the way, your skin and weight will suffer, too. Hormones get out of balance, skin takes a toll, and your body starts to crave food when you’re sleeping. It gets all out-of-whack. Sleep helps to regulate your metabolism.

To skim over the last few myths, let it be known that sleeping pills are garbage, regular exercise helps you sleep better (cardio for endurance and exhaustion), and everybody dreams.

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