Is Your Money Good At This Hospital?

Stethoscope MoneyMany people regard money as power. When it comes to what’s known in certain hospitals as “concierge medicine service“, money gets you moved to the front of the line. For your health – that’s a powerful service.

However, the reason this is being addressed is because it’s a public university hospital that’s considering the concierge medicine service that is traditionally offered in private hospitals.

Obviously in a public university setting, this may not be the best fit for certain people. If you can afford the premium service, maybe you can also afford to be more proactive with your overall health.

In my humble opinion, I’m not entirely confident this type of service belongs in a public university hospital. Is it hurting for funding? Offer a donation screening done monthly. Diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, prostate cancer, lung cancer….the list continues.

The state subsidizes or covers these tests anyway. The trick is getting people to do them. A healthier community is one that doesn’t need to visit the hospital that often.

The concept of concierge medicine service is great if you need it. However the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure hits home here. A $2700 annual premium gets you moved to the front of the line but no amount of money can buy back your health. Be proactive.

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