Defying Muscle Loss in Aging

MuscleLossAging is part of the agreement in life. Skin suffers effects of gravity. Our bones start packing down and we mysteriously get weaker. However scientists are giving us hope that muscle loss may not necessarily be part of the agreement.

It’s all about the nervous system. A study shows that older men have less nerve endings and younger men have lots of nerve activity. A few older men were shown to have more nerve activity in their remaining muscle than others in their age group. This suggests that their nervous system is adaptive for the muscle loss.

This  age-related muscle loss is called sarcopenia. Although the data collected in this study was a little wishy-washy of details, the best defense offered to aging-adults to maintain the best strength is maintaining a balanced diet and strength training at least twice a week.

A single YouTube on strength training is not a complete guide to staying strong into the golden years. However, this book comes high recommended for anybody looking to laugh at the toll age takes on the body.

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