Biking to Preserve Memory

BikingDementia is a real threat to those of us planning to keep our wits about us as we age. The disparaging truth is that more drugs in the pipeline to shine hope on the dim topic are falling short in FDA trials. Now what?

Ladies, ride that bike like your memory depends on it. A study shows that women who are more active in their 40s had a much healthier outlook for their brain health as they age.

The results for the study are undeniable. The women were followed to the age of 90. Those who could bike vigorously for six minutes in their 40s had a much lower rate than those who were less active or not active at all for developing dementia by the age of 90.

Studies have shown that diet and exercise play a great role in memory health. However this study shows undeniably that the correlation between exercise and memory preservation is correlated heavily.

Of course the study was done on women but I find it hard to believe that men won’t reap the same benefits from being active in their 40s. Life gets real in your 40s. Many people have families to support, saving for college, paying the mortgage. But if your health suffers as a result of these life necessities – how golden will your golden years be without your mental faculties?

Food for thought. Sit on one of these and pedal till you see the light and a 6-minute 75% heart rate. The investment of sweat equity today might help you steer clear of brain problems in the long run.

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