Time to Drink!

WaterIf you’re like most of us, you don’t drink nearly enough water. No problem. If you had a water coach, you’d probably do it especially considering the benefits. Thanks to the genius of  Hidrate Spark 2.0, you’ve got it!

This super smart water bottle reminds you to drink more water. It’s attached to your phone by Bluetooth, so the entire ‘notification system’ is automated.  It also includes a GPS so you won’t lose your Hidrate Spark 2.0.

Based on your age, weight and other factors, it keeps track of how much water you need to drink, how often you need to drink, and it’ll tell you how much more you have to drink to meet your daily goal.

The benefits of drinking water are woefully underappreciated. Hint: your body often mistakes being thirsty for hunger. For what it’s worth, the concept of a smart water-bottle was a resounding win for the Kickstarter campaign. See?

No worries if you missed the pre-order in the Kickstarter campaign. You can get it on Amazon now for about $55. This time around you have more color choices than the crowdfunding backers. All good things.

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