Weight Loss May Be About Timing

TimetoEatToo many people are still struggling with effective weight-loss thinking that it’s about the nutrients only. A new study is showing that it may be more about timing is everything.

Well everything is a little bit of an exaggeration but timing when you eat has shown to be quite influential when it comes to weight loss in mice. A window of time between 8-12 hours proves to be the key when it comes to losing weight and minimizing risk for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Even though this study was done on mice, a nutritional scientist says that a mouse lifespan compared to a humans would translate to a 2-3 day fast to reap the benefits seen in the mice.

Time-restricted feeding or TRF is simply eating what you want but doing it during an allotted time window. This could be the trick to living longer. Mice don’t live nearly as long as we do. Which also means our length of fasting may be relatively longer than this 8-12 hour window. Ever hear about the 5:2 Fast Diet? That’s a good book for beginners.

Biologically we’re not meant to eat any time of day. We have specific hormones to regulate sleep. We have specific hormones to regulate when we eat. You can’t fight city hall, people.

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  1. ALI ARIF says:

    Nice post, Nowadays Childhood Obesity is very common in children. we should care about it. It can become dangerous for our health.