Smoking Gun for Kids Food Allergies

FoodAllergiesDo your kids have allergies? Blame the wipes! According to a new study, food allergies are linked to the use of baby wipes and genetic factors. Of course they are.

How do the wipes make kids more vulnerable you ask? The soap on the wipes, when left on the skin,  attracts allergens from dust and food. Subsequently, the child may develop an allergy resulting from the persistent aggravation on the skin. This is where genetics comes into play.

Some people are more prone to developing food allergies, if exposed to such foods at a time when their immune system is not mature enough to create the defending antibodies from it. Be mindful that the immune system gets fully exposed to most foods between the ages of 0-3 years.

It’s not just the baby with wipe soap, either. Often times – parents or caregivers can expose babies to these foods without even realizing it. An innocent kiss on the cheek may reveal peanuts on your lips or breath. You don’t realize it but baby’s immune system will pick up on it.

Now that we’ve turned the faucet of bad news on full blast, what can we do about it? Well, sterilize your hands, lips, and palate before you go anywhere near your young baby. Imagine he or she is a laboratory that can become very reactive to any foreign substance. No joke. These are facts.

One last tip: rinse off and pat dry your baby’s skin, even after using a wipe. It may be an extra step in the process but it’ll make they run less of a chance of developing a food allergy that could otherwise interrupt their life.

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