Alcohol Industry Funding Bias Study

ReganThis may be a dumb question but do you think that alcohol companies need to fund research to make you want to drink more? No need to answer the question because they’re already doing it.

The alcohol companies are pulling-out the big guns to brainwash the media and hope the general population believes that drinking alcohol is healthier than previously believed. Sounds  a little like the early tobacco industry,right?

It’s a little uncomfortable for me to validate any facts on this allegation from the alcohol industry. We all know that alcohol in moderate consumption is the only way to do it. Why do they need to insert the word “healthy”?

The Wired article explains how high level execs from the alcohol industry approached independent researchers and told them the conclusion they wanted to have for the study. That’s how it always works. This is also one of the biggest reasons why most study participants are ‘cherry picked’ for the outcome.

The word of caution here is to be aware of the funders for any study that makes you raise a brow at the conclusion. When you see a doctor touting the benefits of something, who’s paying this accredited healthcare professional to make such statements? Exactly.

In the wise words of President Ronald Regan, “trust but verify.” Never be led by their bias for profits. Chances are you will always care more about your health than any (fill-in the name of any industry). It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.

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