Bedtime Snacks Good and Bad

bedtimesnackIf you’re the type of person who gets to the gym later in the day, the concept of carb back-loading may work out well for you and your weight loss aspirations.

Carbohydrates consumed earlier in the day are likely stored as fat and not used for energy. This is because carbs consumed later in the day, especially if you exercise later in the day, are stored as glycogen for time-released energy the next day. So indulge in any type of carb till your heart’s content.

If you’re looking for a better night sleep, you may want to consume the foods listed here to help you sleep better. Your best bets for sleep aids are kiwis, pistachios, tart cherries, jasmine rise, and salmon. Later dinner? You definitely can portion some of the aforementioned out for a well-balanced meal.

Survey says don’t eat these foods before bedtime. Somehow, some way these foods will interrupt your peaceful night of rest. The list include alcohol, coffee, turkey, hot sauce, french fries another fried foods, and last but not least coffee ice cream. I almost forgot to mention water. What kind of a fascist made this food list? Peace-out, I always take water to bed with me anyway.

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2 Responses to Bedtime Snacks Good and Bad

  1. Alexis Moore says:

    A very honest and informative post. I am night snacker, reading your post made me realize that I have been snacking on the wrong food. Thank you for sharing this post. they have a lot of information on health and more.


  2. cornerforu says:

    hi, thank to tell about snacks what i going to eat before sleep. Thank for shearing..