Global Healing Crusader Found Dead

DeprivationTankBiohackers are notoriously controversial, revolutionary, and a little bit of crazy. So when this biohacker, Aaron Traywick, was found dead  people wonder how did this happen?

The short backstory leading up to this shocking event isn’t too far off the trail Traywick blazed. A few months ago, he injected himself with a DIY herpes therapy made by his company. It was broadcast on of Facebook Live. This was done live to ensure the company would be held accountable for the aftermath in days to come.

So the fateful Sunday morning, Traywick was found in a sensory deprivation tank. Watch this video to see what it is and how it administers therapy. Watching how it’s done makes the finding of Trackwick in a deprivation pod that much creepier. If you’re excited to try it – find one in your area.

The autopsy results have not yet been  released but investigators don’t suspect foul play. However, one can’t help but wonder if the CEO of the Ascendance Biomedical perhaps was feeling the effects of solitude too intensely. His coworkers said the communication with Traywick was dead silence the month leading up to his death.

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