Healthier Kids May Be Farm-Raised

FarmLifeA new study is confirming what people and researchers have been saying for decades. Kids exposed to more dirty environments are likely to be healthier and happier. The study explains these effects, too.

In the study, kids raised in farm environments, compared to kids raised in more urban area, are shown to have a more developed immune system. Furthermore they are shown to have a better ability to cope and resist influences of depression and other mental health conditions.

Something called the hygiene hypothesis has been one reason for why people in industrialized nations have more incidence of autoimmune conditions like type 1 diabetes, RA, and multiple schlerosis. In more farm-like countries there is far less of the conditions.

Researchers think it’s because when the immune system of a child learns self from non-self, it needs to be exposed to many different antagonists so it develops a robust immune system. In industrialized nations (think antibacterial soaps and no animals), the immune system is using a crutch when it should be working.

Perhaps the take-home is even if you spend most of your times in the concrete jungle, bring your kids out to the country to play with the pigs, cows and chickens, their immune system and pretty little brains will thank you in a few decades.

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