Five Tips to Living Longer

LongerLifeA study shows that 5 habits can extend your life by over a decade. If you’re up for the challenge – this one’s for you!

Nobody said life is easy but it’s definitely worthwhile paying attention to find simple tricks that make life easier. These tips include diet, regular exercise, not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, and drinking in moderation.

Telling someone to change their diet isn’t always the best delivery for such life-changing advice. Maybe the softer delivery involves giving a friend or picking-up a copy of Eat to Live. It’s both a guide to healthy eating as well as a jump-start to get yourself to the ideal body-weight. Plus it kills another bird in the bush of the 5 tips.

Nobody craves exercising but the recommendation is to try and get at least 30 minutes a day of it. Park 15-minutes from your workplace to guarantee yourself filling the daily quota. If that doesn’t appeal to you, leave your house after dinner and walk away for 15 minutes. The return trip will round-out your day for success.

Without sound like a broken record – don’t smoke. It’s a tough habit to quit but if you want to live a decade longer – there’s your incentive.

Lastly let’s look into the drink in moderation tip. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cheers? But if your adult beverage schedule shows you drinking more days than you attend work or drinking more alcohol than water – maybe you should reevaluate your definition of moderation.

If you live your life every day and the Yolo fashion – these tips or not for you. However if you do want less things to worry about sticking up in your blind spot, the study is doing you a solid. This goes for you too, gentleman.

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