The Melody of Less Anxiety

AnxietyMusic can have magical effects on our moods. Certain music can make us workout harder, add to our endurance, make us feel more aggressive, or calm us down. Researchers have found a way to take advantage of these mitigating effects of music. They were able to prove it work in the most unsuspecting way.

A study has found that a region of the brain responsible for anxiety and depression is impervious to the effects of dementia. This region can be positively influenced by music. So the beauty of this study is shown that music may be a viable solution, without medication, helping relieve the merciless effects of anxiety and depression.

Don’t let the underlying criteria of dementia count you out. Dementia is a way to ensure the aftermath of calm isn’t just a fluke. Anxiety and mood swings are common in people with dementia and especially seen in people with Alzheimer’s. But  like i mentioned earlier, the region of the brain responsible for those behaviors is unaffected by the progression of dementia.

So what’s the best source of music? Let your heart guide you on the journey to a stress and anxiety-free world. Also, let Amazon tell you what’s good in the musical arena.

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