Poop Transplants Better Than Antibiotics

The second grade vernacular doesn’t make it sound too scientific but a study has shown that fecal transplants (the rightful name of the procedure is better than antibiotics at treating chronic diarrhea.

C diff infections are a common cause of chronic diarrhea especially in hospitals. Often times, the first course of treatment is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the C diff bacteria but also kill off the good bacteria, which leaves the gut especially vulnerable if/when the C diff infection returns.

This study showed that when using a “poop” transplant as the first line of defense, it cured half the patients. The other half has less dehydrating diarrhea and when the C diff infection was treated with antibiotics (after the fecal transplant), the C diff infection cleared entirely.

Many times the easy solution may not be the best solution. When you’re up against diarrhea and dehydration, you want it to go away fast but you do not want it to return. The fecal transplant first-line of defense seems to be the best play here. Let’s see if this not so well-received unorthodox treatment may be a little more acceptable in days to come.

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