Cautionary Tale About Removing Mascara

Ever wonder how many women have impaired  vision from wearing too  much mascara? Well taking it one step further – those ladies who don’t properly remove their mascara may be at risk of a nasty vision impairment. It can happen, as this woman in Australia found out the hard way.

She began to notice her vision was becoming blurry. Her mascara habit became so routine she never properly removed it from her lashes. Low and behold, her body began stowing crumbs of mascara away in the lens of her eye. Thank goodness she visited a doctor for her problem.

When her doctor examined her, it was noticed that her conjunctiva, the thin clear lining of the eye, had deposits of mascara in it. Yikes. Funny thing but this is the beauty of our immune system. If a ‘foreign body’ (like mascara) makes its way into the body — you’ll get signs like blurred vision and irritation. The body is great at telling us what we need to know.

Moral of the story? Ladies and gentlemen, properly remove your makeup and mascara daily. If you need help doing so, you’re welcome. If you need a suggestion for product, let Amazon be your guiding light.

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